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No donation is too small. Each and every donation is greatly appreciated.


All donations to SCO go directly to the horse’s overhead expenses.

Our staff members do not receive salary from donations.


Stall bedding pellets - $6.00 per bag (1 stall of 7 bags = $42 - every 8 weeks)



General medical supplies & vet wrap for one month



Hay - $15 per bale (We use 28 bales per week = $420)


Under $20*

Beet Pulp Feed - $16.95 (We use ~2 bags per week = $33.90)

Nutrena Regular Feed - $18.75 per bag (We use 3 bags per week = $56.25)


Under $22*

Nutrena Senior Feed - $21.50 per bag (We use 11 bags per week = $236.50)



Fly masks (We presently need 15; available from our Amazon Wish List)



One month of biological fly prevention - $51



Vitex Gold Medication (helps maintain a balanced endocrine system in some of our elderly horses & we use one every three weeks)


$150 or more

Yearly farrier service for one horse. (Total for herd is $1,550)

Yearly Veterinarian check for one horse. (Total for herd is $4,500)


$250 per monthSponsor A Horse

Sponsor your favorite horse and cover all of its needs for a month or more. You can also come and visit your horse in person to pet, feed, or groom it.  Or come take a selfie.

*Or make a donation directly through our feed store, by calling them and ordering what you want to donate. Ask them to include it in our next feed delivery, then let us know so we may thank you:

               Fox Feed, 17028 Sierra Hwy, Canyon Country, CA, 91351, 661-252-9790

Thank You 
Merry Christmas
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