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Master Rose Ashley

The Swan Center is also a modern-day mystery school where many of the mysteries of life are explained and understood. It offers free and fee-based courses on spiritual, metaphysical and parapsychology topics, guidance on having the courage to live an intuitive, balanced life, and courses on attaining heightened levels of awareness. Students are welcome to participate at their individual level of interest and commitment. 


     Our planet has been blessed with many spiritual teachers, masters, religions, and spiritual philosophies. We believe they exist to strengthen one’s connection to God and Godliness and ultimately to assist individuals on their journey to God Realization. The present-day headmaster of The Swan Center is Master Rose Ashley. The title Master is conferred upon a student when they have mastered the knowledge of the Swanéte philosophy, consistently apply it in their daily lives, and serve as a living example of its tenets.


     The role of the headmaster is to share the philosophy with those who are interested in it, to ensure its purity and integrity, and to train Masters to continue the philosophy beyond her time. 

We are presently updating our mystery school curriculum.

Please visit again soon!

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