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Our Volunteer Program is offered to children, ages 7 and above, adults and those with special needs.

Volunteers may participate at whatever level or length of time they are comfortable with.


Activities include:

General barn maintenance

Cleaning and filling water containers

Removing manure from stalls and pens

Preparing and delivering feed and hay to the horses

Catching & haltering horses

Picking the horse's hooves

Leading horses

Training horses

Children, younger than 7, may be eligible after requesting and completing an interview to determine their ability to safely participate.

Individuals with special needs, must be accompanied by an assistant, until such time as they demonstrate that they can safely participate without assistance.

Community Service Hours: If you wish to apply for community service hours, you will need to volunteer two times, before applying. 

What to Bring: We recommend that you wear sturdy, closed toe shoes, long pants, and a shade hat. The weather can change from cool to very warm in the morning hours, so it is best to bring layered outer wear. You may also want to bring water and a snack.




 Sunday through Saturday 9:00 - 11:30 AM 


To Sign Up

Call (213) 259-5968 or email

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