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Master Rose conducts a Sunday Chapel period, by teleconference, each Sunday at 9AM Pacific Time. If you are interested in participating, you can either call in or can attend a Chapel with a Swanéte spiritual teacher in your area. Please contact the home office to inquire about a list of teachers in your area.


Call in number: 641-715-3580           Access code: 383368#


Chapel begins with a Hu Song done prior to the chapel start time, either in private in your home, or with your local teacher.




Everything in creation is composed of light and sound, which manifests as energy. Each creation is a unique body of energy, which vibrates at a particular rate, and no two creations vibrate at the same rate. A higher vibratory rate is associated with a greater level of awareness.


Whenever two creations interact, the lower vibratory rate is raised, and the higher vibratory rate is lowered, until the two meet in the middle of the vibrational range. As a result, creations of a higher vibratory rate have a positive effect on the creations they are in proximity of, while creations of a lower vibratory rate can have a negative effect. This balancing process takes place on an unconscious level, until an individual reaches a state of awareness that allows him or her to consciously control vibrational changes.


There are many realms of existence, within the sphere of creation - realms of a higher vibratory rate and realms of a lower vibratory rate. These realms afford soul many different spiritual experiences and opportunities. Every realm is inhabited by spiritual teachers and guides, who willingly share their knowledge with those who are seeking it. Each realm emits a vibration or tone, unique to that realm. The totality of all of the tones is referred to as the sound current. We have the spiritual ability to tap into the sound current and follow each particular tone to the realm it originates from. Once we have mastered this ability, we can then travel at will to any realm at any time.


All sound, including the sound of our own voice, affects us in a positive or negative way depending on its tone, rhythm and vibratory rate. Sound has the power to uplift us or bring us down to the depths of despair.  Sound can be a positive vehicle to connect us with God, or it can be the very thing that moves us off of that course. Sounds of a high vibratory rate increase awareness, while sounds of a lower vibratory rate decrease awareness. The word Hu has an extremely high vibratory rate and is a powerful tool to increase our awareness of the sound current.


In every culture, where the word Hu is found, it is considered a sacred sound used to represent God. In the Hopi language, the word Hu means "Whipper of the Kashina." Kashina is the Hopi word for the "Spirit of the Invisible Forces of Life." Many past cultures actually kept the word Hu as a secret word, not spoken outside of spiritual circles, so that it might retain its power. For this reason, students of the Swanéte philosophy only speak or sing the word Hu when seeking a conscious connection with God.


The Opening Hu Song

The Hu song is sung at the beginning of each contemplation and spiritual gathering at the Swan Center for Intuitive Living. The spiritual teacher will begin singing the Hu song and each person can join in as they are so inclined. The group will continue singing the word Hu in a rolling fashion until the spiritual teacher stops.



Biena is an ancient word, which conveys the message, "May the blessings we have received at this gathering, remain in our hearts and souls for eternity." Swanéte teachers use the word Biena in group settings, to indicate the end of a class period, or the end of a contemplative time.


The Trinity Chants

When we chant the words Hu, Tusah, and Minnoa, we are addressing the trinity – God, the God energy, and all of God’s creations. These three words are sung at the end of each spiritual gathering.



The word Tusah (to-sah) represents the God energy, soul or spirit.



The word Minnoa (Minno) represents all of God’s creations.


The Symbology of Numbers

The closing chants (Hu, Tusah and Minnoa) are sung in unison for a specific number of times, based on symbols found in numerology:


The number 1 represents creation or a new beginning

The number 2 represents the positive and negative duality or the male/female

The number 3 represents the trinity or complete balance

The number 4 represents building and spiritual growth

The number 5 represents prosperity

The number 6 represents intuition and the psychic senses

The number 7 represents taking a spiritual stand

The number 8 represents infinity

The number 9 represents completion


A New Day

After singing the Hu, Tusah and Minnoa, the spiritual teacher will say, “A new day has begun.” The student response is, “For the greater glory of God.”


Participating in a group Hu song

No one is required to participate in a group Hu Song. If you are attending a group class and do not want to sing along with the group, you can sit in silence. You can also sing along with the group, stop singing for a while, and then join in again.


The Hu song can be sung silently - in ones imagination, and it will still have a profound effect.


Chakra Alignment Exercise

At the beginning of the Hu song, it is beneficial to imagine a magnetic bar going through the center of your body, and realigning your chakras. Once you feel complete with this exercise, imagine the energy of the group moving in a clockwise direction and spiraling upwards.





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