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The Swanéte Creed


We believe in one God Consciousness that brought forth 

everyone and everything in existence.

We believe God exists as a sacred Trinity: God the Creator,

the God Energy and all of God's creations.

We believe we were created by God, from God, and exist

because of God's love for us.

We believe we have been given an infinite supply of God’s 

love to sustain our lives with, which can manifest in the form 

of possibilities, and that we have been given a free will to 

invent our lives out of these possibilities.

We believe all creations are sacred and unique parts of one spiritual body.

We believe we are an immortal Soul, dwelling in a physical

body, with an eternal existence beyond this physical life.

We believe soul is in a constant state of spiritual evolution

towards God Realization.

We believe our true nature is energy, our purpose is to be

happy and our design is to love and be loved.

We believe God exists in a purely positive state and created

worlds of a positive and negative duality, to provide Soul 

with an opportunity to remain God-like in the presence of negativity.

We believe God’s Divine Plan is to love and serve God, by

loving and serving all of God’s creations, totally and unconditionally.

We believe that by discovering the natural talents that God has given us, developing them to the fullest degree and using them to serve others, the achievement of God’s Divine Plan will unfold.

We believe each Soul has an exact counterpart and will reunite with this aspect of itself, in the physical reality, before achieving a complete realization of God’s Divine Plan.



We believe God constantly and consistently communicates with us in the form of intuitions

We believe we can best develop our intuitive sense, by living a life of balance, in accordance with God's spiritual laws and laws of nature.


We believe if we live each moment of our lives intuitively, in accordance with God’s Divine Plan, spiritual peace and happiness will naturally occur.

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