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Nancy Turner

"I love to assist those who are spiritual seekers and have some physical symptoms or problems that they want to heal, so they can more easily pursue their spiritual goals and life’s mission."


Nancy Turner is a spiritual healer, teacher and health coach. She is also a very talented artist and singer.


Nancy’s quest for spiritual knowledge started at an early age, when she began forming conscious connections with her spirit guides. She later studied under a series of inspiring spiritual teachers, before being introduced to Master Rose Ashley and the Swanéte philosophy in 1982. Nancy is now a Swanéte priest (Reverend Nancy), in training to become a Master of the philosophy.


At age seven, Nancy started doing illustrations with pen and ink and pencil.

As a teen she began using a crow quill pen and drew detailed portraits of people who inspired her, using the pointillism style of drawing.


When Nancy was 17, she traveled to Europe with the West Haven High School Choral group and sang in churches throughout Italy. The trip culminated in Rome, with a performance in St. Peter’s Basilica and an audience with Pope John 23rd.


After graduating from high school, Nancy attended the Massachusetts College of Art for 2 years. While working her way through art school she worked at a health food store in Boston. She encountered many people, on a regular basis, who were seeking information on natural ways to maintain the health of the body. This motivated Nancy to begin investigating alternative health modalities to assist people with their health challenges. She was then introduced to the field of Chiropractic healing and was intuitively drawn to help people in this manner.

Nancy transferred to Boston state college and switched her major from art to pre-chiropractic studies. In 1977 Nancy moved to Marietta, Georgia to attend Life Chiropractic College. She graduated, Magna cum Laude, in 1980.


Nancy was instrumental in the formation of The Swan Center for Intuitive Living mystery school, in Sandy Springs, Georgia and served as the director of the Swan Center’s holistic healing center. She had successful chiropractic practices in Florida, Georgia and Colorado. Nancy left Colorado in 2016 and moved to California to continue her work with The Swan Center for Intuitive Living and Swan Center Outreach. She has retired from her work as a chiropractor and now offers Health Coaching sessions to spiritually minded people, to raise their vibratory rate and spiritual awareness through teaching, coaching and energy balancing modalities.


Today Nancy lives in Valencia, CA with her 89 year-old mother and Annabelle, her Papillon puppy. Nancy teaches Spirituality and Horses, Teambuilding with Horses, and the Horse Handler Volunteer Program at Swan Center Outreach; spiritual classes at The Swan Center for Intuitive Living Mystery School, and the Inventing Your Life and Inventing Your Health workshops. Nancy still pursues her singing and art and has a passion for illustrating books with a spiritual message.



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