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A team of people and a herd of horses have a lot in common. They both require strong leadership; clear consistent communication; a keen awareness of the needs and goals of the entire group; and a motivational strategy to achieve them. We can learn a lot about how to become a more successful team, by interacting with horses and learning the dynamics of a horse herd. 


The Team Building with Horses program will benefit relationships of all types, including families, corporate groups, athletic teams, theater groups, and any other group of people that work together towards a common goal. It is a four-hour program, consisting of obstacle challenges, games, classroom lecture, demonstrations, and plenty of hands-on experience with horses. The workshop is appropriate for individuals of all levels of physical capability.       



Greatly enhanced communication skills

Higher levels of self-awareness

Increased confidence

Simple techniques for living in the present moment

Creative ways to overcome success obstacles

And the opportunity to see yourself through the all-knowing eyes of the horse.

How Does This Happen?

The pace and circumstances of daily living has changed dramatically in the past one hundred years, but psychologically speaking, people are basically the same as they have been for thousands of years. However, in a relatively short time, we have had to adjust to quick paced, ever changing scenarios and technologies, which has led to heightened levels of stress. This has fostered a tendency to lose sight of the team, and has shifted the focus more to survival of the individual.

    In times of stress, horses respond by focusing on the unity of the herd, looking to the leader of the herd for direction, and then synchronizing themselves with her (lead mare) movements. The horse herd leader is generally a mare (female). She is not born into her position, nor can she bully, bluff or manipulate her way to the top. She must earn her leadership position through consistent communications and a strong commitment to the well being of the herd. The job of the lead mare is to guide the herd to food and water and to lead them away from danger. She communicates vocally, energetically and through body language, with the emphasis being on energetic communications. She uses these communications to move the horse’s feet in the direction and at the speed she desires.


Workshop Schedule of Events




Ground exercises without the horse.

How to think and move like a leader

Ground exercises with the horse.

Moving a horse in the round pen - Energy vs Force

Forming positive connections with team members

Inspiring the team to follow your lead

Overcoming obstacles as a team

Obstacle training with the horse

How to succeed when moving outside of your comfort zone

How to stay focused on your goal when presented with an obstacle

Recognizing when to stop and take a step back

Moving forward with flexibility and synchronicity


Putting the fun back in teamwork!

Follow-up phone consultations are available for your team at $125 for a 45 minute session.

Program Fee: $3000 for up to 10 participants, then $250 per additional person.



Bob G. – Manager National Media Relations UPS

I had no idea how important body language is and its importance in non-verbal communications. It can actually transcend verbal instructions. Regarding my interactions with others, I realized that people are sizing me up long before I attempt to establish any authority. This is the best team-building activity we have ever done! It got people outside their comfort zones. It also allowed followers in our group to practice leadership skills. I had a great time with an excellent instructor.

Brandon Jennings – Public Relations supervisor, Mail Boxes etc. Inc.

The Team Building with horses was great! It was a valuable experience for me. I learned that establishing respect and trust is a necessary prerequisite to having a good relationship and friendship. The instructor had an excellent presentation style that was very informative and the assistants were patient and helpful. I give them all an A+!

N. B. – Manager National Media Relations UPS

This was a fantastic education that was provocative as well as informative.  I give top rates to the instructor and assistants. I learned how you can lead without being vocal, because body language is a lot more important than you might think. I plan to incorporate all of it at work. I need to take the time to read the signals.


K.B. - Visual Producer - Santa Monica, CA

I’ve been working on my self confidence and assertiveness, and being able to connect with my horse helped reassure me that I am on the right path and the work I am doing is working.

D.F. - Winnetka, CA

I was able to directly witness the shifts of dominance as well as internal gauge of energy that took place as an immediate result of the horse’s response.


K.G. - TV Producer - Los Angeles, CA

I am looking forward, and not down, understanding that looking forward affects the energy around me! I love that it is tangible life lessons in action!

Donna B. - Technology Public Relations Manager

The similarities between Horses and humans is amazing! I had no idea that herds of horses were so similar to human organizations. I had an excellent instructor for an excellent workshop. Body language is everything!


Steven B. – Public Relations Supervisor

I thought this workshop was a very positive and educational experience. I rate the instructor and assistants a 10! I was amazed how my confidence and the way I walk can work to help in everyday business. I rarely realize how I walk, now that I know how it can make a difference is something I will be more conscious of.


S. B. - Public Relations Manager, Corporate UPS

This workshop made me assess personal behaviors and gave me techniques to try at work. I think it will be useful with individual coaching and counseling. The instructor was very effective in communicating how you can establish leadership in subtle ways. I realized that assertiveness can present itself in different ways to have effective outcomes. I think I can use this by being more confident and deliberate, but not forgetting to read the situation first.


Bill E. – Senior administrative assistant, Public Relations

I had no idea how much my body language is conveying to others. Also, as a result of this experience, I will be more willing and able to push through and work outside my comfort zone.


M.B. - Consultant - Valley Glen, CA

The horse is a perfect metaphor for life and your interactions. I benefitted by learning how I need to take more of a lead in my own life. I experienced overall increased awareness. It was a powerful and enlightening event/day!


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