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A Health Coaching Session With Nancy

Nancy combines three different modalities in a one hour session - Nutritional Guidance, Energy Balancing and Health Coaching.


Nutritional Guidance

I work with an individual to get their diet on track, as sometimes the food and drink that people consume creates an imbalanced state in all of their bodies - the physical, mental, emotional, causal and spiritual bodies, of which we are composed.


Energy Balancing

I remove any blocks to the flow of energy in the body, by working with the chakras.


There are 7 main chakras, or energy storage points in the body, and each chakra has organs and glands it governs, as well as a quality it maintains. For example, the forth chakra is the Heart Chakra, and it governs the well-being of the heart and lungs. It is also responsible for our levels of motivation, and the ability to give and receive love. When there is a block in this chakra, the person may be experiencing motivation problems, or difficulty with loving others or feeling love from others. Energy balancing techniques are designed to quickly find and eliminate these blocks.

I also discover an issue, belief or fear that is holding someone back from having the life that they want, and find out where in the body that issue is stored. Often that site is painful or not functioning properly. By restoring proper energy flow to that area, this can help mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance return.


Health Coaching

In a Health Coaching session we explore the spiritual reasons that underlie one’s physical symptoms. Health symptoms are always messages from the sub-conscious. I have seen health issues that usually take weeks or months to heal, get better in a much shorter time once the person gets in touch with the message the symptom is relaying, and then does the work to change the underlying cause.


Spiritual Healing

I find that the combination of proper diet, energy balancing and spiritually focused health coaching, is a powerful tool to restore the body and the mind to a state of optimal health.

Fee: $125 per one hour session

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