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Recorded Spiritual Talks Available for Purchase

 All proceeds are donated to the care of the horses.

In Search of Kindness

Partial list of topics covered are:

• Memories of Philadelphia

• Children and their comfort objects

• The five components of the circle of misery

• The mind operates just like a computer

• Merry Christmas vs Happy Holiday

• Becoming a really kind soul

• How to dwell in a perpetual state of kindness


Loving Yourself As A Way of Loving Others

In this discourse, Master Rose discusses the essence of God Consciousness; the most healing force on the planet. She reminds us of the importance of self-love and how we cannot love others fully until we are truly, loving ourselves. She reviews examples of the inventing process and how easy it is to become distracted from life's essence when we focus on wanting rather than being. She also reminds us that spiritual growth is not about sacrifice, it is about learning what we need to know, to move us forward spiritually. In conclusion, Master Rose shows us how to consciously take charge of our life by deciding how we want to be so we can experience happiness and fulfillment.


Returning to Happiness

Partial list of topics covered are:

• Happiness is our birthright, our purpose and our responsibility.
• We have the ability to be happy at any given moment.
• Looking for clues from your childhood to discover your present day mission.
• Filling your personal well of energy with things you love to do.


Living A Spiritual Life

Partial list of topics covered are:

• What is a Swanéte Spiritual Master?

• Becoming a Swanéte Spiritual Master

• Spiritual Initiations

• Vibratory rates, Awareness and Intuition

• Swanéte Priesthood

• God Realization

• Energetic cycles of days, months, years, seasons

• The importance of tithing

• The daily life of a master


The Hu Song Explained to Children


Faith, Hope and Charity



The Pursuit of Happiness


The Gift That You Are

Partial list of topics covered are:

  • You are a unique gift to the planet.

  • Gracing the planet with your presence.

  • The outer being, the mind and the higher self

  • Dialogues with the mind

  • Overcoming fears


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