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Master Rose Ashley

At one point in my life, I served for 15 years as a professional psychic and parapsychology consultant. I worked with individuals, families, corporations, law enforcement agencies, scientists, medical doctors, veterinarians, and animal trainers.

     Many of my clients came to me, hoping to get a glimpse into their future. In the early days of my career, I believed that the future was laid out in front of us on a single road or track. I thought that we were standing in the present; the past was behind us, and the future was directly ahead of us. This belief changed abruptly one day as I was conducting a session with a new client. I was looking ahead on the track the woman was on and relayed to her what I saw. She became quite upset and said, with a great deal of conviction, “No, I will never allow that to happen.” Immediately, the future I was looking at changed. This had never happened before. I was very young at the time, and my ego bristled, saying, “I have to be right.” So, I emphatically restated my original prediction. The woman seemed dismayed, and her commitment faltered. I looked at her future once more, and it had changed back to my original prediction.

     I then experienced a sinking feeling that I had crossed some sort of spiritual line. I asked for inner guidance – clarity about what had just taken place. I was instantly shown that the future is not laid out before us on one single road or track. There are, in fact, multiple life tracks running parallel to each other, which have already been created for us to experience, and we have been given the free will and the ability to switch tracks whenever we want to. I then realized that when I was shown the original picture, I was looking at the track the woman was on. When the woman refused to accept the outcome, she switched to another track, and the future on that track was quite different. Then, when I overpowered the woman with my commitment to be right, she returned to her original track and future.

     I felt a tremendous sense of remorse. I shared my discovery with the woman and assured her that she could change the outcome of her life, by shifting from the track she was on, to the one that held the outcome she desired. I initially thought that commitment was the key to changing tracks, but I later discovered more about the process:

•Our lives are invented out of possibilities, which have already been created and exist on one of our life tracks. So, we are not creating our future. We are inventing it, in much the same way that the airplane was invented, by taking materials, which had already been created – wood, metal, fibers, and fashioning them into a plane.

If we want to invent something, which does not exist on the track we are on, we have the free will and the ability to shift from the track we are on to the one that contains what we want. The challenge lies in knowing how to build a bridge from where you are (the life track you are on) to where you want to be (the track that contains what you want).

•No one ever wants something that does not already exist on one of his or her life tracks. If you desire it, it has already been created for you. There is never a need to compromise to attain what you want in life.

     I spent the following ten years learning how to build a bridge from one track to another.  Eventually, I was able to narrow this process down to three simple steps:

• You need to be very clear and specific about what you want.

You need to determine if your mind is in complete agreement with what you want.

You need to train your mind to consistently agree with what you want.

     I gained an understanding that true success was not based on material gains but rather on spiritual fulfillment. Many of my clients had achieved great material success at the expense of their own happiness. They had careers or lifestyles that left them empty and frustrated. I saw that many had fallen into thinking that if they worked long enough doing something that didn’t bring them joy, they would eventually be able to afford the things that would make them happy. I saw that this seldom worked out.

     In every case, I saw a life track where they were doing what they loved to do and achieving material success in the process. I realize that when the goal is material success, the spirit begins to die a little bit each day. However, when the goal is spiritual fulfillment, material success always follows. I incorporated this idea into my counseling and watched in amazement as my clients shifted from a life of compromise to one of spiritual fulfillment, doing what they loved to do and making money while they were doing it.

     My clients found the approach simple, exciting, and very effective. I soon had more consultation clients than my schedule could accommodate, so in 1983, I started teaching the Inventing Your Life principles in a workshop format. The workshops ended up being even more effective than individual consultations because they allowed me to cover the same amount of material that would have taken me months to share in individual sessions. In addition, the various workshop participant’s questions, successes, and breakdowns brought new topics for discussion and resulted in an even greater understanding of the principles for all in attendance.         

A consultation with Master Rose Ashley serves as a bridge from where you are in life to where you want to be. Master Rose feels that the number one reason people are not successful in any endeavor is that they are not clear and specific about what they really want. She begins each session by helping her clients clearly define their goals, personal, career, or both. She then uses her intuitive abilities to quickly identify where the client is in relation to where they want to be and outlines a clear and direct course of action to follow. The goal is that each client leaves a session empowered with greater clarity and renewed self-confidence, a powerful set of tools to rely on, and a simple outline of steps to follow to improve success.

Master Rose offers consultations to Inventing Your Life Workshop grads or by referral. Sessions are one hour in length and are held over the phone, making it easy for clients to receive immediate and confidential help.

General Fee: $275 per session

Workshop Grad Fee $200 per session



My experience in working with Master Rose on a personal level has always been a loving experience, not only for her insight and wisdom, but most of all for her compassionate guidance with the gift of empowerment. I'm very grateful for these sessions!

Juan R.

Visual Artist/Graphic Designer


“You in one short session helped me achieve clarity and peace on things which held me back. I can't put in words what happened and how it all unfolded but we started our conversation with me and my concerns and setbacks and the next thing I knew I was digging deep into areas of my life that blocked me from being a happier and healthier person. I walked away enlightened and given simple tools and nuggets of knowledge to use each day. I held all this knowledge myself and you made me open the door and accept it, look at it, own it. What a blessing the experience was and not at all what I expected. Much love and gratitude for holding my hand and leading me to water. You have such a beautiful God given gift and thank you for sharing. Anyone would be blessed and lucky to call on you and your gift.”

Forever grateful and forever yours,

Geist E Ussery


“I highly recommend Rose Ashley for her consultation services. In September 2016, I was in the initial stages of a divorce. On the advice of a good friend, I decided to do a consultation with Rose, and it turned out to be the best thing I could have done. She helped me immensely and gave me excellent advice. She also instructed me on how to help myself through this difficult time in my life. She is an amazing person, I feel very lucky to have found her. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Robert Arvidson

Silverthorne, Colorado


“Often, when you’re in the middle of a crisis in your life or in an ongoing dilemma, and solutions you have already tried just don’t work, you end up frustrated and feeling hopeless. What is needed is a whole fresh approach, one you would never even have thought of before because your mind, like the search engine on your computer, was on the same old track. A new track is desperately needed, but the mind that created it can’t come up with the way out and round and round you go.  That’s when I called Master Rose Ashley, and that’s when my whole life switched tracks and changed to a new direction filled with happiness and absolute clarity ahead. I would be selfish if I kept this secret to myself so I’m sharing it with you so you too can have the wisdom necessary to change your life, either with a consultation or signing up for the Inventing Your Life workshop."

Fran Ferguson

Author of Love Terry


When faced with a family issue needing a solution where all those impacted would benefit and seeing no outcomes that would meet that criteria, Master Rose brought forth a resolution that met the needs of all parties. Her work brings clarity to situations where confusion reigned.

She is gifted with the vision to see beyond the obvious. Master Rose’s vantage point lies above what most of us are equipped with for arriving at an answer. She brings a calming comforting influence where clarity and healing may occur."

Sherry Cook, Training Consultant


"Master Rose's love and support combines with the spiritual philosophy that she teaches and always has an answer that is better, more uplifting, and fulfilling that any other I have experienced. In any moment when I don't believe I can have or do something that I want, with clarity and a power that clears away any doubt, I'm presented with the best of possibilities that not only can I have what I want, but it is a moment and a decision away. When she says, “Here it is.” I see it. I feel it. I'm moved towards it!"

Jon B


 "The consultations I have experienced from Master Rose are amazing. The much needed advice and insights of who I really am and how to invent the life I want, gave me a whole new direction to follow.  I am blessed to have her as my coach and teacher."  


Lorraine Fouquet, Artist




1 hour phone consultation with Master Rose-General Session: $275

1 hour phone consultation with Master Rose-Workshop Graduates: $200

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