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Our mission is to provide spiritually minded individuals with knowledge and experiences that lead to heightened levels of awareness, a life of balance, and the fulfillment of one’s purpose.


Our vision is that the Swan Center serves as a pathway that people from all walks of life can turn to for peace, inspiration, acceptance, healing, love, and kindness.

Our Core Values 

Serving others






The Swan Center for Intuitive Living is a spiritual pathway based on the ancient philosophy of Swanéte. The core belief of the philosophy is that we are here in this life to love and serve God by loving and serving all of God’s creations, totally and unconditionally. This can best be accomplished by entering into a state of consciousness known as God Realization. Swanéte teaches that a God Realized individual has a moment-to-moment, conscious connection with God and a complete awareness of God’s true nature, which is love. We believe that every soul is God Realized. However, during the incarnation process, a spiritual amnesia typically occurs, and the incarnated don’t always remember that they are God Realized. So, the goal in any given lifetime is not to become God Realized but to remember or realize that we already are.


     The Swan Center for Intuitive Living also serves as a modern-day mystery school where the mysteries of life are explained and understood. It offers free and fee-based courses on general spiritual and metaphysical studies, guidance on having the courage to live an intuitive, balanced life, and courses on attaining heightened levels of awareness and God Realization. Students are welcome to participate at their individual level of interest and commitment.

      Our planet has been blessed with many spiritual teachers, masters, religions, and spiritual philosophies. They exist to assist individuals with their spiritual journeys and ultimately to strengthen their connection to God and Godliness. Swanéte teaches that all spiritual pathways are valid. This is based upon a belief that the soul incarnates into the physical reality for spiritual growth through experiences that will ultimately lead one to a state of God Realization.

      The Swan Center is not the only spiritual pathway to God Realization. It is one of many paths and if it resonates with you, you may want to explore it further. It may enhance the path that you are currently on, serve as a stepping stone to another path, or could become your spiritual path for the rest of your lifetime.

      The Swanéte philosophy was brought forth in the earliest days of humankind by a group of spiritual masters known as the Sacred Order of the Swan. It has been handed down from master to student in an unbroken line since its origin.

      The Swan was adopted as a symbol of the order because it represented purity, strength, loyalty, and the ability to impart a sense of serenity and balance to those in its presence. The philosophy did not originally have a name per se. Members of the order were simply referred to as “Those who lived the way of the swan.” The name Swanéte was assigned to the philosophy when the former Headmaster, Sri Ra Sahi, transferred the teachings from Tibet to the United States in 1989. Swanéte is a combination of the English word "swan" and the ancient word "éte" (the way of). The combined words meaning "The way of the swan."


Master Rose Ashley

Present Day Headmaster, Spiritual Teacher & Advisor

The present-day Headmaster of the Swanéte philosophy is Master Rose Ashley. The title Master is conferred upon a student when they master the knowledge of the Swanéte philosophy, apply it consistently in their daily lives, and serve as a living example of its tenets. The title also serves as a personal reminder to a master to consistently show up in this manner.

      The role of the Headmaster is to share the philosophy with those who are interested in it,

to ensure the purity and integrity of the philosophy during the Headmaster’s lifetime, and to

train masters to continue the philosophy beyond her/his time.


     The relationship between Headmaster and student is similar to that of an athlete and a coach. The coach shares knowledge of a sport, explains the best way to apply the knowledge during competitions, and offers feedback on how well the student understands and applies the knowledge. The same holds true of the Headmaster and student relationship. The Headmaster shares knowledge of the philosophy, explains the best way to apply the knowledge in real-life situations, and offers feedback on how well the student understands and applies the knowledge.

Swan Center Outreach

The Swan Center established Swan Center Outreach, a 501(c)3 non-profit horse sanctuary, in 1999, to partner with horses in offering free and fee-based educational and therapeutic programs. We view animals as “Teachers, Healers, & Friends” because they have an incredible capacity to teach humans compassion, patience, and tolerance, to heal the mind and body, and to demonstrate how to love and be loved in return.

Horse Care Volunteer

Volunteers are always welcome to assist with the care and feeding of the horses. Volunteers can participate at whatever level they feel comfortable doing. Duties range from simple chores such as filling feed pans and water buckets to more advanced tasks that include handling the horses. 

       Children ages 7 and above must be accompanied by an adult supervisor until such                 time as they demonstrate that they can safely participate without the aid of their                       supervisor.


      •Individuals with special needs must be accompanied by an adult assistant until                      such time as they demonstrate that they can safely participate without an assistant.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with the care of the horses, please contact us via email to request an interview and application.

The Swan Center Today

Prior to the Covid virus restrictions, the Swan Center was offering free and fee-based online spiritual classes, teleseminars, Inventing Your Life workshops at locations throughout the country, and horse therapy programs at a ranch in Castaic, CA. We then had to suspend our programs for a lengthy period of time. We are now redesigning our website and will soon be posting a new list of upcoming events.



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