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Our mission is to provide spiritually minded individuals with knowledge and experiences that lead to heightened levels of awareness, a life of balance, and the fulfillment of one’s purpose.


Our vision is that the Swan Center serves as a spiritual haven that people from all walks of life can turn to for peace, inspiration, acceptance, healing, love, and kindness.

Our Core Values 

Serving others





Welcome To the Swan Center

The Swan Center for Intuitive Living is a spiritual path to God Realization based on the ancient philosophy of a group of spiritual masters known as The Sacred Order of the Swan.

     The Order’s philosophy stems from a core belief that we are here in this life to love and serve God by loving and serving all of God’s creations. The philosophy is currently referred to as Swanéte, a combination of the English word "Swan" and the ancient word "éte" (the way of). The combined words mean "The way of the Swan."

     The philosophy has been passed down from Master to student in an unbroken line, beginning in the earliest days of mankind and continuing to this day. The present-day Headmaster of the Swan Center is Master Rose Ashley. Master Rose was initiated as a Master of the philosophy in 1986 after completing a twelve-year apprenticeship under the tutelage of Sri Ra Sahi, former headmaster of the Sacred Order of the Swan in Tibet.

     The Swan Center is also considered to be a modern-day mystery school where the mysteries of life are known and revealed. It welcomes students of all levels of spiritual commitment, from those seeking basic metaphysical knowledge to those striving for spiritual Mastery and God Realization.

Swan Center Outreach

     The Swan Center established Swan Center Outreach, a 501c3 non-profit horse sanctuary, in 1999, to partner with horses in offering free and fee-based educational and therapeutic programs. We view animals as “Teachers, Healers, & Friends” because they have an incredible capacity to teach humans compassion, patience, and tolerance, to heal the mind and body, and to demonstrate how to love and be loved in return.

The Swan Center Today

Prior to the Covid virus restrictions, the Swan Center was offering free and fee-based online spiritual classes, teleseminars, Inventing Your Life workshops at locations throughout the country, and horse therapy programs at a ranch in Castaic, CA. We then had to suspend our programs for a lengthy period of time. We are now redesigning our website and will soon be posting a new list of upcoming events.

Horse Care Volunteers

Volunteers are always welcome to assist with the care and feeding of the horses. Volunteers can participate at whatever level they feel comfortable doing. Duties range from simple chores such as filling feed pans and water buckets to more advanced tasks that include handling the horses. 

       Children ages 7 and above must be accompanied by an adult supervisor until such                 time as they demonstrate that they can safely participate without the aid of their                       supervisor.


      •Individuals with special needs must be accompanied by an adult assistant until                      such time as they demonstrate that they can safely participate without an assistant.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with the care of the horses, please contact us via email to request an interview and application.



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