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When Rose Ashley was nine years old, her passion for books led to a passion for horses. The book that turned the tide was Black Beauty. Rose was mesmerized by the book, which revealed life from the horse’s perspective, and presented the horse as a conscious being, with thoughts and emotions. Rose made a decision, while reading about Black Beauty’s plight, that she would one day listen to and understand the silent communications of a horse, and would respond with love and compassion. As an adult, Rose spent fifteen years working as a professional psychic and consultant in the field of parapsychology, and specialized in teaching animal communication classes. In 1987, she began rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected horses, and provided them with a forever home. Rose paired these amazing animals with humans in need of healing, and taught programs for mentally and physically challenged individuals, youth at risk, and children and adults recovering from emotional trauma. Rose was instrumental in the formation of Swan Center Outreach, a 501c3 animal sanctuary and educational center located in the Colorado Mountains. In the fall of 2014, Rose had to make an emergency move to her daughter’s home in Los Angeles, California, due to a life threatening, altitude related health issue. Since then Rose has completely regained her health, but is unable to return to Colorado. She is now working to move her beloved animals to California, so they can once more team up to help humans in need of healing. Swan Center Outreach’s lease in Colorado is running out very soon and Rose needs to secure a property immediately in the Los Angeles vicinity that can shelter the animals, even on a temporary basis. The Swan Center presently houses 33 horses, many of very advanced age, 1 miniature donkey, 3 llamas, 1 alpaca and 2 elderly sheep. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to cover the following expenses: $25,000 for animal transport $15,000 for the rental of a property $10,000 for feed, hay, veterinary and farrier expenses.




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