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$10-10-10 Fundraiser

We need your support!

Your support pays for Horse Feed, Farrier, Vet Care, and Operational Expenses critical to the success of the Swan Center Outreach mission. These expenses are $250 per month, per horse x 30 horses = $7,500 per month.

100% of your donated money goes directly to animal care expenses.

Swan Center Outreach offers Educational Programs with Horses for Children and Adults. For 30 years, our programs have provided Educational, Therapeutic and Spiritual value while increasing one’s Personal Awareness and Effective Communication skills.

Please donate $10, connect with 10 friends and ask them to donate $10, and ask them to ask 10 friends to donate $10. Your support is very appreciated!

Supporters can contribute using the “Donate” button below or mail donations to the address below. Contributions are tax deductible as Swan Center Outreach is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization.

Swan Center Outreach

30625 Hasley Canyon Road

Castaic, CA 91384


Click the 10-10-10 Fundraiser link below to print a flier to share with your friends or post appropriately.

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