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At one point in my life, I served for 15 years as a professional psychic and parapsychology consultant. I worked with individuals, families, corporations, law enforcement agencies, scientists, medical doctors, veterinarians, and animal trainers.


     Many of my clients came to me, hoping to get a glimpse into their future. In the early days of my career, I believed that the future was laid out in front of us, on a single road or track. This all changed one day as I was conducting a session with a new client. I was looking ahead on the track that the women was on, and relayed to her what I saw. The woman became quite upset, and said with a great deal of conviction, “No, I will never allow that to happen.” Immediately, the picture I received changed. This had never happened before. I was very young at the time, and my ego bristled, saying, “ I have to be right”. So, I emphatically restated what I had originally seen. The woman seemed dismayed, and her commitment faltered. I looked at her future once more, and it had changed back to my original prediction.


     I immediately had this sinking feeling that I had crossed some sort of spiritual line. I asked for inner guidance – clarity about what had just taken place. I was then shown that the future is not laid out before us on one singular road or track. There are in fact multiple life tracks, running parallel to each other, which have already been created. I then realized that when I was shown the original picture, I was looking at the track the woman was on in that moment. When the woman refused to accept the outcome, she switched to another track, and the future on that track was quite different. Then, when I overpowered the woman, she returned to her original track and future.


     I felt a tremendous sense of remorse. I immediately shared my discovery with the woman, and assured her that she could change the outcome of her life, by shifting from the track she was on, to the one that held the outcome she desired. I initially thought that commitment and focus were the keys to doing this, but I later discovered that this was not always the case. I spent the next ten years studying the process and learned some interesting things:


• We don’t actually create our successes and failures. We invent them, in much the same way that the airplane was invented. The airplane was not created. It was invented by taking materials, which had already been created – wood, metal, fibers, and fashioning them into an airplane.


• Our lives are invented out of circumstances, which have already been created and exist on one of our life tracks.


• If we want something, which does not exist on the track we are on, we have the ability to shift from the track we are on to the one that contains what we want.


• No one ever wants something that does not already exist on one of his or her life tracks. If you desire it, it has already been created for you. The challenge lies in knowing how to get from the track you are on, to the one that contains what you want.

Eventually, I was able to narrow the inventing process down to three simple steps:

1. You need to be very clear and specific about what you want.  

2. You need to determine if your mind is in complete agreement with what you want. 

3. You need to train your mind to consistently agree and support what you want. 




Have you ever wondered why you’ve invented some of the things you wanted to have in your life, but not all of the things you wanted to have?


•Everything you have experienced and attained in your life, up to this moment, happened because your mind was in agreement with it.


•The dreams and desires, which you have not yet achieved, haven’t manifested because your mind is not in agreement with them.


•If you want your dreams and desires to quickly manifest in your life, you will need to train your mind to consistently partner with you in the fulfillment of them. The Inventing Your Life workshop serves as a bridge from where you are in life to where you want to be. The workshop is designed to provide you with the tools and the knowledge to train your mind to consistently partner with you, in the fulfillment of your dreams and desires.

IYL Workshop




The number one reason people are not successful, in any given endeavor, is because they are not clear and specific about what they really want. The Inventing Your Life workshop begins by helping you to clearly define your goals. It also offers 6 creative, mental exercises which you can readily access, to simplify and speed up the inventing process. The goal of the workshop is that you leave the workshop empowered with greater clarity and renewed self-confidence; a powerful set of tools to rely on; and a simple outline of steps to follow to attain and maintain success.


The workshop also addresses and answers the following questions:


Who Am I?


Is there a divine plan for me?


What is my purpose?


Do I have a mission?


The Inventing Your Life workshop is not a lecture on the importance of positive thinking, nor is it a pep rally on how to stay motivated. The workshop identifies your personal strengths and weaknesses, which are standing the way of your success; and outlines the steps you will need to take to capitalize on your strengths, and to eliminate your weaknesses. You will also learn how to have constructive dialog with your mind, so it will consistently partner with you in the achievement of your success. Taking the workshop is similar to joining a fitness center. You will have access to the knowledge and the tools, but their effectiveness will depend directly on how committed you are to applying them. If you do the necessary work, you will see dramatic results.


•The Inventing Your Life workshop is presently being offered as a teleseminar. Classes are 1.5 hours in length, held three weeks out of the month, for two months.


•The workshop is followed up with complimentary, monthly, continuing education classes.





I have discovered so many useful and creative tools with the IYL workshop. These have been incorporated into my daily practice and given me a wonderful perspective on integrating aspects of myself, that were unknown to me until now, and discovering a myriad of possibilities to manifest a much more joyous, supportive and rewarding life. You will find that these will assist you on your journey for a very long time and will evolve with you as well. If you truly are walking on a path of self discovery then this workshop will help you in making it a fun treasure hunt!

Juan R.

Visual Artist/Graphic Designer

"The Inventing Your Life instructors set the stage for a very relaxed and safe workshop environment. What impacted me the most was learning that my life is a reflection of my belief systems. Given this new awareness, I realized that I could change the course of my life. Very empowering! The “tools” of Inventing Your Life can be applied daily in order to direct and redirect the path I am traveling.  I have a feeling of control over my life with regard to the choices that I make, which affords me a sense of “peace.” I strongly recommend enrolling in the Inventing Your Life Workshop if one or many areas of your life need a new direction!!"

Carol Vincent

Living unconsciously, life used to just come at me. With its ease of retention and intuitive presentation in weekly modules, the Inventing Your Life Teleseminar and its tools have given me the clarity to always know what I really want in every area of my life plus the power to choose happier tracks. No mystery, no mind over matter, I'm gaining the courage to live a balanced, authentic life.

 Thank you!

Dervin Gilbert

SAG/AFTRA Film/Television Actor, Holistic Fitness Innovator, Artist

I took the Inventing Your Life Workshop at a time when I felt like I was spinning my wheels, caught up in negative reactions to things, and wasting a lot of energy.

During the workshop I learned how to design the life I really wanted. I saw that I am here to be happy and do things that I love to do, rather than live with a lot of compromises. This changed everything!

I began to feel more in control, rather than a victim of outside circumstances. 

I use the tools I learned in the workshop daily, and pursue my passion to teach this knowledge. I am grateful every day for the awareness that I can invent my life!

Nancy Turner

Spiritual Healer and Teacher

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