Swan Center Outreach
Animals as Teachers, Healers & Friends

Swan Center Outreach provides leadership and self-awareness programs, with rescued horses, that empower and support youth and adults in the achievement of their life goals, while demonstrating the educational, therapeutic and spiritual value, of a loving relationship with animals.

Our programs increase personal awareness and promote leadership, collaboration and risk management skills, while promoting a strong work ethic.

Swan Center Outreach is located on a historic Colorado ranch, providing an excellent opportunity to learn ranch management and environmental sustainability, along with a working knowledge of horse psychology, rehabilitation and training.

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Summer 2013 Camp & Volunteer Training Schedule

These programs are provided to the community at large, for individuals of all ages and life circumstances. We do not turn people away because of physical limitations or financial need. Those with physical limitations can always find ways to participate, as we have animals of every size and temperament - some only needing petting or grooming. Volunteers earn reward points that can be used for trail rides, riding lessons and classes on a variety of topics based on interest.

Swan Center Outreach is a community outreach of Swan Center for Intuitive Living, and is a 501c3 non-profit organization, funded through public and corporate donations, and fundraising activities promoted by our supporters.

Who Comes to Swan Center Outreach and Why
People come to Swan Center Outreach for many different reasons:

An opportunity to love and serve others
A way to increase personal awareness and fulfillment
The development of leadership and other essential life skills
A day communing with nature
A day with horses and other animals
A community service opportunity
A way to earn riding lessons and trail rides
An education on animal care and training
An education on ranch management and stewardship of the land
For therapy emotional, mental or physical
A spiritual retreat from the rigors of everyday life

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