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Animals as Teachers, Healers & Friends

Swan Center Outreach provides leadership and self-awareness programs, with rescued horses, that empower and support youth and adults in the achievement of their life goals, while demonstrating the educational, therapeutic and spiritual value, of a loving relationship with animals.

Our Leadership & Sustainability with Horses program helps children learn the importance of responsibility while learning how to address the true cause of life's problems. A child's unhappiness can surely be caused by circumstances, but when a child reacts negatively to difficult circumstances and looks for answers outside of themselves through blame, they give up their power to change anything. In today's world, children are not taught how to change their circumstances, and as a result they can become imprisoned by them.

Changing our circumstances begins with changing ourselves. When a child understands that their thoughts are the basis for what they experience, they become empowered, because they realize that they themselves are the only one's in control of what they experience in life. When they interact with our horses, the horses respond to how the kids are being (either a victim or a leader) and they react accordingly. If a child acts like a victim, the horse will take charge and it can be very scary for the child. If a child acts like a leader, the horse feels safe and will look to the child for safety and security. When this occurs an amazing bond is formed, which in turn builds confidence in the child.

This is a powerful lesson for a child to learn, because they can take control in a positive way. Children are drawn to these massive, but peaceful creatures, and developing a true friendship is a strong incentive for a child to change their behavior. They learn how to accomplish this first by taking control of their thoughts, thereby taking control of the circumstances that they are inventing. Most of the kids in our Leadership Program come from difficult situations; they truly are being victimized because they don't know how to change their circumstances and the situation is made worse, because of the child's reactions to those circumstances. Fortunately, in just one day with our horses and learning the skills of self-awareness and leadership - they are transformed and empowered. They leave a different person because they have been given the gift of knowledge, which becomes a knowing that they and only they are the masters of their life. It is an amazing thing to watch and it is an incredible gift to these children!

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Summer Activities 2015
Summer + Horses = Fun and Learning!

This summer we are offering our Leadership & Sustainability with Horses Camps to underpriveledged, low income and youth at risk. Children who do not fall into these categories are able to participate as assistants in these programs as part of our volunteer program, or in the public classes listed below.

The volunteer program is an opportunity to learn the value of service while learning all of the knowledge available in our camp programs as an assistant. To assist, volunteers must complete 2-4 hour classes of volunteer training and have volunteered at least 10 times. Volunteers earn "carrot reward" points that can be used for trail rides, riding lessons and classes on a variety of topics based on interest. We also need volunteers at our Horse Cents Thrift Store in Silverthorne.

Summer classes 2015 at Swan Center Outreach
Swan Center Outreach is offering two exciting classes this summer for groups of 10 or more. These classes are scheduled by reservation only – Wednesday's and Saturday. Call John Longhill @ 970-468-0924 or email swancenter@mindspring.com

Animal Communication Class
This fun class introduces our “younglings” (kids 4-8 years) to the basics of animal communication and how to have better relationships with animals. It is a two-hour class including an introduction to Swan Center Outreach and our animals, with hands on interactions with some of our special critters, like Eeyore (our miniature donkey), Minnie Whinnie the Poo (our miniature horse) along with our goats, sheep, llama’s and our # one Alpaca – Macho Pichu! Fee: $25 per child

Leadership & Sustainability with Horses
This is an exciting class for kids (7- 17 years) with a focus of leadership development & sustainability practices while partnering with all of our animals including 35 horses! It is a 4-5 hour class with an introduction to animal communication, energetic communication, herd behavior, round pen demonstrations and more. The kids learn how to successful partner with the animals while leading, feeding, and playing games with them. Fee: $75 per child

These programs are provided to the community at large, for individuals of all ages and life circumstances. We do not turn people away because of physical limitations or financial need. Those with physical limitations can always find ways to participate, as we have animals of every size and temperament - some only needing petting or grooming.

Swan Center Outreach is a community outreach of Swan Center for Intuitive Living, and is a 501c3 non-profit organization, funded through public and corporate donations, and fundraising activities promoted by our supporters.

Who Comes to Swan Center Outreach and Why
People come to Swan Center Outreach for many different reasons:

•An opportunity to love and serve animals and people at the highest level
•A way to increase personal awareness and fulfillment
•To learn leadership, communication and other essential life skills
•A day communing with nature
•A day with horses and other animals
•A community service opportunity
•A way to earn riding lessons and trail rides
•An education on animal care and training
•An education on ranch management, sustainability, conservation and stewardship of the land
•For therapy – emotional, mental or physical
•A spiritual retreat from the rigors of everyday life

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